There was Great Interest in Bursa to Energy Kid Naz




To explain the importance of energy efficiency to children, Naz and her friends have met with children in Barış Manço Culturel Central in Bursa. The theater watching middle school students they learned the energy efficiency entertainingly.

To raise awareness of children's energy use and consumption, and make contribution to the national economy, telling the provinces visiting children for the purpose of energy efficiency "Energy Kid Naz" also talked about the importance of energy efficiency to students from Bursa. In Barış Manço Cultural Center, 450 students came together to see the Naz and learned how amused they had to save at home and at school.

Energy Efficiency Association Member of Board Ali Rıza Arslan, Energy Efficiency Association Bursa Branch President, Dr. Engineer Mustafa Uysal, Yıldrım Deputy Mayor of Fatih Polat as well as Deputy Provincial Director of Education Arzu Ayyıldız and Branch Manager Seyfettin Mayuk participated in the program.