The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız, Accepted Kids from Ankara




The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız accepted Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Children Assembly. In the program, which took place in the Ministry’s conference room, Yıldız remarked that the children have important roles in the construction of the Turkey’s future

Todays children are the future of the country and added raising human is a vital importance. Yıldız said, “If you are planning a year later, grain crops. If you are planning ten years later, plant a tree, but your are planning thousand year later, raise human”.

Yıldız gives advice to the children about energy saving.

Yıldız remarked to be more careful in use of all electronic equipments which unnecessary and extra working and said “If you say how can we save money from all of this, maybe for you small steps but for Turkey there is the possibility of obtaining big steps. With all these savings in a year, you have the possibility to save a small gold”.

Yıldız pointed out that this figure has reached 4 billion liras in a year and said this amount is very important for the country.


Energy Kid Naz Suprise to the Children


Minister Yıldız said that he has suprise for the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Children Assembly’s Member and invited to the hall energy efficiency mascot “Energy Kid Naz”.

Energy Kid Naz introduced to the Children Assembly members. Energy Kid Naz with the project of energy efficieny will visit the schools. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Children Assembly’s Members and Minister Yıldız gave books to each other as present and after this the programme ended.