Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Targeted Kids and Industry





Efficiency in all sectors of society and every individual consciousness in order to create,

In the first week of June every year "Week of the Efficiency" events began to perform by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology , Efficiency Week during the opening ceremonies met with industrialists and children.

Primary and secondary education institutions to attract the attention of students in all middle and high school students this year for the first time "Efficiency Themed Ideas and Short Film Competition" by the Ministry, to increase efficiency in business activities and to support projects to begin again this year, "Efficiency Project Award" began.

Energy Efficiency Association also met with industrialists at the event opening stand of Industrial Energy Efficiency Enhancement Project were presented to the participants. Stand showing intense interest in the field of training film shown to the participants of the Association "Energy Efficient Industry" Project booklets were distributed.

"16,000 schools in 10 years, a full-fledged hospital in 3200, seven Ataturk Dam, 10 Airport, 10 Bosphorus Bridge, 6 units of nuclear power plants"

"Energy Efficient Industry" project providing information on the Energy Efficiency Association managers, industrial energy efficiency for the public, civil society and the private sector that brings together an Energy-Efficient Industrial Projects with OIZs application can be made 13 field to improvements in 10 years, 65 billion TL earnings provision aimed stated that they it in 10 years, 16,000 schools, 3,200 full-fledged hospital, seven Ataturk Dam, 10 Airport, 10 Bosphorus Bridge, 6 units mean that nuclear power plants have expressed can be made

Efficiency Week activities at the ATO Congresium Convention and Exhibition Centre June 3 on Tuesday for children Theatre Performance and Energy Kid Naz, children with the energy efficiency they will tell Energy Efficiency Association, the energy in all areas of efficient use studies continue to say they will.