Konya's Ladies Passed Energy Efficiency Class




Enerji Hanım asked and women answered.

Konya's Ladies Passed Energy Efficiency Class

Mr. İbrahim Çağlar, the President of the Energy Efficiency Association, stated that by just taking measures at homes, savings up to 4 billion Turkish Liras can be made annually, and by the ensuring of efficiency in industry, transportation and isolation, this number could reach 15 Billion Turkish Liras.

Konya was the third stop of Enerji Hanım, who initiated a course for spreading a nationwide conscious for efficiency in energy usage. The following persons attended the program realized in Bera Hotel:

Mrs. Gürdal Akşit, the General Head of AK Party’s Women’s Branch; Mrs.Gülay Samancı, Konya Deputy from AK Party; Mrs.İbrahim Çağlar, the President of the Energy Efficiency Association together with the executive  board members thereof; Mr. Selçuk Öztürk, the President of the Konya Chamber of Commerce and the Head of the Energy Efficiency Association’s Konya Branch; Mr. Tahir Büyükhelvacıgil, the Chair of the Konya Chamber of Industry; Mrs.Selma Yıldız, the spouse of Mr.Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources; Mrs.Hatice Doğan, the spouse of the Konya Governor, Mr.Aydın Nezih Doğan as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations and many women from Konya.

4 Billion Liras of Contribution to the Economy is in Women’s Hands

The President of the Energy Efficiency Association İbrahim Çağlar made the opening speech of the meeting during which he stated that Enerji Hanım constitutes the initial step of a large project that covers all segments throughout out the generality of Turkey. Mr. Çağlar said that they undertook the application of the project, which is supported by the spouse of the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Emine Erdoğan and which represents a joint project by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, and further stated they saw women as economists at home and they thus started off with Enerji Hanım. Mr. Çağlar continued as follows:

“We have initially made a survey study. We have reached 2 thousand 929 women in 20 cities. We have asked them whether electrical home gadgets were used consciously. Later in Ankara, we have placed one pc measurement devices in 5 different households in 5 different provinces. We have placed energy monitors in the electrical home gadgets in each household and we have uploaded to the databank the total energy amount consumed at homes and the instant consumptions of such gadgets. As a result, we have reported in detail the consumption habits before and after the conscience-raising studies in the Enerji Hanım project. And we saw that just by this method, we could earn 4 billion Turkish Liras annually. We have conducted our first educational study in Kayseri and the second one in Denizli. We are now in Konya, we speak about and discuss efficiency with women from Konya. We take the contact information of all women participating in our meetings. Our colleagues will later meet them and take the results. After a short while, we will begin to harvest the fruits of the studies we have performed. Until June, we will continue educational programs in a total of 20 cities”.

Use Your Energy Correctly

Mrs. Gürdal Akşit, the General Head of AK Party’s Women’s Branch who stated that the Enerji Hanım project is in fact a very meaningful campaign, was the best example to the women playing an important role in the household management and thus their being the key point for the correct use of energy and energy savings. As in the rest of the world, energy is also very important in our country. It is present in every gadget we are using at home. “Think about the importance of energy, use it correctly for both your country and household” said Mrs.Akşit.

“We have to use energy efficiently in order to close the current deficit”.

Mr.Selçuk Öztürk, the Head of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, stated that during the last 10 years, Turkey manifested a very big performance in economy and further said the following:


“This performance also introduces some inconveniences, the most important of which is the current deficit. We are making sacrifices on many things to close Turkey’s current deficit, the primary of which is the growth. But when we examine Turkey’s current deficit however, we see that approximately 60 billion dollars of this deficit owes to the energy sector. This means that Turkey’s one-year deficit owes to energy. It is of course vital to produce energy to close the deficit emanating from it. In addition, efficiently using energy is also important. We can close the largest portion of this deficit if we can use energy more efficiently and consciously. This bears vital importance in terms of our country’s development and the 2023 vision”.

Enerji Hanım Made an Examination and Women From Konya Passed It

Later, Mrs. Süeda Çil, the artist who played the Enerji Hanım character and who got together with Konya’s women later on, made a small examination by asking several questions Konya’s women about energy efficiency. The majority of women participating in the meeting correctly answered the questions and received a grade of success in terms of energy efficiency. Enerji Hanım later gave examples on how wastage of household and national resources can be prevented via small measures and applications. At the end of the lottery held amongst the meeting’s participants following the educational program, the winners were awarded many energy-smart products such as refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and kitchen robot. Following the meeting, the winners received their gifts from the hands of Mrs.Yeşim Beyla, the Secretary General of the Energy Efficiency Association.