Investment IncentiIves For Energy Efficiency From Ministry To Industrialists




With Energy Efficiency in Industry will Gain  65 Billion TL in  10 Years

 Industrialists Energy Bills Fall  30 Percent

Ministry, give the same advantage to the industrialists without looking the investments region, who invest in energy efficiency projects, like the investments benefits in 5th region. Thus; the public, civil society organizations and the private sector in cooperation with a decade worth 65 billion TL to the national economy from energy savings and reduction targets of 30 per cent of invoice.

Energy Efficient Industrial Project, which conducted by Energy and Natural Resources Ministry and the Energy Efficiency Association and supported by Organized Industrial Region Upper Body (OSBÜK), has started with a meeting on th 25th of January in 2014 on Saturday with the participation of Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız.  

The motto of the project is «Strong Industry Efficient Energy». With 13 energy efficiency improvement project in industrial enterprise, in 10 years it is planning to energy saving worth 65 billion TL. These saving means an each source for al these things; 16,000 school, 3,200 full-fledges hospitals, 10 Bosporus Bridges, 10 airports, 7 Ataturk Dams and 6 nuclear power plant units.

At the meeting, the important decisions for facilitating the industrials energy efficiency investments are explained by Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız with the participation of the industrialists.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız: "In the last 10 years, our country has the most electricity and natural gas demand growth after China”

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız said; in our country energy supply and demand is increasing rapidly and in the world from 2002 our country has the most electricity and natural gas demand growth after China. He said; “Our consumption of electricity is 129 billion kWh in 2002, in 2013 it increases to 245 billion kWh. With the projection this trend will show to continue in the medium and long term.

Taner Yıldız noted the world’s energy needs will continue to increase. He said; “However, the power supply is not infinite and unlimited. Therefore, we need to strike a sustainable balance between energy production and consumption. Indeed, all over the world to meet growing energy needs are also increasing global energy investments. On a global scale between 2013-2035 it is projected to make investments to the energy sector 42.2 trillion dollars.”

Yıldız said; “When considering the investments made in energy sector in our country and in the world, It is clearly seen how important to use energy efficienctly.” Efficient use of energy in houses, industry and transport is estimated total 7.3 billion TEP in the world until 2035.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız: "Energy efficiency is places as 6th fuel after coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy.

Yıldız is pointing, energy efficiency’s providing benefits of sustainability is extremely important; he said as a Ministry, relevant Ministries, Civil Society Organisations, Universities, Financial Institutions and private sector cooperation in every field and in every sector they had begun extensive Works for increasing the energy efficiency.


Aim: Save 65 Billion TL in 10 Years

Yıldız said; the Energy Efficiency works, which are continued for decades and speed up in recent years,  are began receiving its results and in 2013, our growing economy and our increasing production with improved industry despite the increase in energy consumption, is less than the increase in production.

Yıldız said; in housing, industry, transport, agriculture and many other areas without reducing the quality of the efficient use of energy and aims to provide significant gains for Turkey, “Today with the project that we started our goal is to reduce our manufacturers’ energy bills by at least 30% and  save 65 billion TL in monetary terms in 10 years."

Minister Yıldız said; energy efficiency take its place in energy sources as “6th fuel” after coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy. He noticed that we are located in a region which has limited energy resources; therefore we need to use energy sources with this awareness.


Incentives from Ministry to Industrialists

Minister Taner Yıldız, in his speech at the launch of Energy Efficient Industrial Projects carried out in Konya, gave the good news of a new application to all the industrialists and public.

Yıldız said, “The projects will be held in industrial sector to increase energy efficiency, will take the advantage of investment without considering the location, as like given incentives for investments in 5th region. Process will be carried out in accordance with the principles and procedures specified in the notification, which will be issued by our Ministry and Ministry of Economy.”

Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar: "16,000 schools in 10 years"

Industrial energy efficiency for the public, civil society and the private sector that brings together an Energy-Efficient Industrial Project's contribution to the economy and OSBs studies evaluating the Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar, industry organizations in Energy Efficiency Enhancement Project (EVAP) application can be made 13 field to improvements in 10 years, earning billion TL targeted provision that drew attention. Çağlar said; “This means 16,000 schools in 10 years.”

İbrahim Çağlar, in his speech in 2020, the world's largest 10 economies to become one of prepared our country, with less energy more economic benefits to achieve stressing the need to "per capita less energy we consume, even though 1,000 dollars of national income to produce the developed countries than in we're wasting energy. "He said. Ages, as the Association of Energy Efficiency efficient and effective use of energy at every point and increase the production of high value-added goods and services with the need to show activities, he said.

Çağlar also said; in 2013 with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, energy efficiency passed on to the housewives with Enerji Hanım Project and to younger generations with Energy Kid Project, which began last week.


Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar: "Businesses energy bills will be reduced by 30 percent"

Çağlar identified, 13 areas had been identified for providing to increase productivity within Energy Efficient Industrial Project and also gave concrete examples for reducing businesses energy bills of 30 percent. In this context, losses in steam systems insulated pipes is less than 80-85% to uninsulated pipes and by furnace waste heat recovery systems, up to 45 percent energy savings can be achieved.

Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar: "Saving energy is more than to produce  energy from renewable energy sources"

Çağlar attention to our country’s energy deficit said, “Our primary consumption of energy has been reach to 120 million Tons of Oil Equivalent in 2012. As of 2012, 72% of the total primary energy from abroad, was spent 27% ​​in industry, 26% in residential and service and 14% in transportation.” Çağlar emphasized, by improving energy efficiency in industry, buildings and transport’s saving value is more than to produce our energy from renewable energy sources.

65 billion TL as a determined energy savings in 10 years, means build;

  • 16,000 school
  •  3,200 full-fledged hospital
  • 7 Atatürk Dam
  • 10 airport
  • 10 Bosporus Bridge
  • 6 nuclear power plant units.

Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar: “When increasing efficiency projects are examine in Konya Organized Industrial Zone, it shows us up to 40 percent energy savings is provided.”

Çağlar noted; in businesses works done for using energy efficiently and with this works how much saving obtained is to determine  in 120 businesses a survey done in Konya Organized Industrial Zone; when the ratio to increase efficiency of implementation, some projects are applied in significant.

Çağlar said, “When only just a portion of efficiency increasing projects are applied, our businesses decrease energy bills in this ratio;
-55% decrease energy bills 10%,
-11% decrease energy bills 20%,
-8% decrease energy bills 30%,
-3% decrease energy bills 40%,
-1% decrease energy bills 50%.


Çağlar said; “These results show how important is the Energy Efficiency and when implement of all proper projects from Productivity Increaser Projects to business so we can save money in big amount.”

Konya Chamber of Industry and OSBUK’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Memiş Kütükçü: "Only in Konya OSB is spending energy budget 125 million TL in 2013"

Konya Chamber of Industry and OSBUK’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Memiş Kütükçü, while noting the importance of energy efficiency, said the saving energy is the energy which we produce. Kütükçü underlines, in 2013 in Konya Organized Industrial Zone the industrialists pay 125 million TL to the electricity and natural gas, “Now according to the principles of efficiency, if we can reclaim only 10 percent of this number, our industrialist will gain every year 12,5 million TL. This help to contribute as an investment to Konya and also to our country. When you consider that 10 percent saving in Turkey,I believe the degree of the country’s current account deficit will fall and as well as the financing needed for investment can be achieved in this way.” he spoke.

Energy Saving will be Transferred to Industry with Training will be Given in Organized Industrial Zones(OSB)

Determined 13 fields within project by the Energy Efficiency Association, for increasing the most effective productivity for industrialist and for businesses are aimed to focus on energy savings in terms of energy efficiency and to implement appropriate project for their business. Acroo the country this project will be implemented in al the Organized Industrial Zones, and will be established Energy Management Centers. By working in partnership with these centers, will be prepared preliminary reports  about OSB’s energy consumption.

In parallel with this report, 13 productivity-enhancing project implementation training will be given to industry organizations and will be determined to decide to make the changes in the structure. These Energy Management Centers will follow the progress of industry organizations with regular reports and transfer with regional meetings. The project started in Konya on the 25th of January 2014 and will continues with meetings held in Kocaeli, İzmir, Şanlıurfa, Van, Samsun and Antalya Organized Industrial Zones.

In industry organizations the Energy Efficiency Enhancement Project (EVAP) application areas are as follows:

  • Furnace systems
  • Boiler systems
  • Steam systems
  • Drying systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Cooling tower systems
  • Fan systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Pump systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Engine systems
  • İllumination Systems