Intercollegiate Energy Efficiency Project Competition Begins




In order to use energy effectively and efficiently to create awareness for all active projects in Turkey developed Energy Efficiency Association continues to work.All across Turkey Denizli Branch of the Association for university students as an award-winning competition is starting.

Our future, our country and even the world's most important is the subject of energy efficiency awareness and everybody about the established energy efficiency Association  Denizli branch informational, all across Turkey to work for university students launched the contest continues with.

Energy Efficiency Association Denizli Branch organized the among university students  to create awareness of energy efficiency and creating this awareness, young people a fun way to think about this issue, with the goal of providing organized the competition consists of 3 categories.

  • Energy Efficiency on Industrial Design
  • Energy Efficiency on Short Film and Advertising
  • Energy Efficiency Theme song


The prizes are very attractive for students, for each category;

  • The first group 20,000 ₺ prize money
  • The second group, Reference Letter from Energy Efficiency Headquarters Board Member  (for all students in the group)
  • The third group, Energy Efficiency Association Headquarters Board Member internship opportunities in the workplace (for all students in the group)

Contest Deadline 06 April 2015.