Intense Interest On Energy Efficiency Association In WEC 2016 World Energy Congress

It is aimed to generate 150 billion of TL resource up to 2023 by means of Energy Efficiency.
WEC 2016 World Energy Congress that its 23rd is realized in this year hosted by İstanbul, started in İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center. In congress that will continue up to 13 October 2016, Energy Efficiency Association that expresses the importance of Energy efficiency to society young and old alike with various projects, in its stand, told to participants the works that it carried during the year.
Thanking visiting to leaders of energy sector by Energy Hanım and Energy Child Naz. 
While Energy Hanım and Energy Child Naz that get ready in Energy Efficiency Association stand area at the first day of event, are giving information about how to use energy efficiently in our daily life, they realized thanking visiting to institutions that were indicated as giants of the sector and that support works of Energy Efficiency Association.
Driving properly contributes to both family and country budget!
At the second day of activity, Ethem Genim who is expert of advanced driving technics and who is project face of Energy Efficient Transportation Project, expressed Efficient Driving Technics for Energy Efficient Transportation to İETT drivers.  
Genim who visited Energy Efficiency Stand, by attracting attention on the matter that almost 2 thousands of public transportation vehicles are en route in İstanbul traffic, told to İETT drivers the rules while driving and efficiency that we will obtain, by doing so. Ethem Genim said that in case of all drivers make fuel economy, the money that will be wasted, will remain, therefore a great contribution can be ensured for both family budget and economy of country.  
 “Energy Team” that was established throughout the country, will state efficiency
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar, who visited Energy Efficiency Association said that “According to calculations that were done, if efficiency is provided; the value of savings obtained from there, would be more than energy that we can produce from our energy resources. As association; we are trying to raise awareness of society about energy efficiency by walking all around our country. We are working on different projects to raise this societal awareness at the all sections. We established a team to contribute an economic value to our homes and Turkey. It is called “Energy Team”…. We, with Energy Team, to provide that everyone become a part of this team, by reaching young and old alike, want to make everyone an active member of this team. In this way, we aim to generate 150 billion liras resource up to 2023”. 
“Energy Hanım Project” became a model for world.
Çağlar who stated that they reached 34 thousands of women in 21 cities up today with Energy Hanım, said that “In trainings, Energy Hanım told to women how to make saving with little precautions. Actually all of our women knew it, these things were that something that they do not know. All we did, was just a reminding. We told them that when they obtain this efficiency and saving, they will provide 4 billion of liras gain for our country. Our project attracted attention a lot also in abroad; it was told as model project in “Women, Gender Equality and Climate change” sections of COP 21 Climate Change Summit in Paris.
Çağlar who stated that they made studies with 774 school in 59 cities up to now and they reached 30 thousands of children with Energy Child, said that “In this education year, we will continue our studies in remaining 22 pilot cities.”
İbrahim Çağlar who also stated about Energy Efficiency Industry study, said that “With this project of ours, we call out to our industrialists. We aim to have 65 billion of TL energy saving to economy of country to reduce %30 of bills of businesses in ten years with the cooperation of non-governmental organizations and private sector and”.