Energy Saving Call In The Day Of Saving The World From The Energy Efficiency Association

The Energy Efficiency Association, which has been working to create awareness among the public by preparing various projects related to energy efficiency, "World Savings Day" with a press release issued by an emphasis on energy efficiency issues, Saving energy by providing energy efficiency is more energy than we can get from our renewable energy sources, found in the description.
In the statement made by the association; 
“Only about one-fourth of the energy production in Turkey, which has a rich geographical area in terms of renewable energy sources, is obtained from renewable energy sources. However, if the investment costs are high, the difficulties of some investment conditions cause the production to be done under potential.
In contrast, Turkey's energy consumption is increasing day by day. We are a developing and growing population. Our industry is developing. We are producing. We are doing very successful work. However, unfortunately, we are achieving the source of these achievements with the energy that we have provided by importing the scarce, few and most of the resources from the outside.
Today, energy efficiency savings to be achieved through the provision of value more than the energy that can be produced from renewable energy sources. Therefore, the responsibility we feel for each of us, our country today and for the future, requires that we make a conscious attitude in this matter.
In other respects, there are 3600 schools, three Bosphorus Bridges, three airports and 738 fully equipped hospitals with one year savings, Turkey needs this mobilization. With one year savings, we can build 3600 schools, three Bosphorus Bridges, three airports, and 738 fully equipped hospitals."