Energy Efficient Industrial Project Was Told To The Bartın Industry With Slogan “Strong Industry Energy Efficiency”

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Energy Efficiency Association conducted by "Organized Industrial Zones Top Organization (OSBÜK)" supported by Energy Efficient Industrial Project training session at Bartın was carried out by  Energy Efficiency Association Bartın Branch


"Energy Efficiency Association" implemented by the Organized Industrial Zone and businesses, Energy efficiency to provide for establishment of the appropriate projects, making energy audits, evaluation of energy efficiency in terms of energy saving, savings with the aim of determining the focus "Energy Efficient Industry" meeting under the Project,  Energy Efficiency Association Bartın Branch in his opening speech President Mehmet Kemik “As the Association of Energy Efficiency; our country from north to south, from east to West, we are trying to promote the public awareness of energy efficiency touring, to occur in every part of social consciousness, we are embarking on the project differently. Thus, by 2023, we aim to create a resource of 150 billion liras. “said.


Industrial Energy Efficiency Project with the public, civil society organizations and private sector cooperation in ensuring energy savings value of 65 billion TL to the national economy and Kemik decade, indicating that the reduction target of 30 per cent of the bill business, “When we started to implement productivity-enhancing projects, energy savings of up to 45% in the furnace system, the renovation of the boiler system will be made in 3 to 20% while maintaining fuel economy, at the steam systems, steam lines and losses as a result of absorbing the condensate line would be less than 80-85%.”said.