Children Will Use the Energy Efficiently




The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Energy Efficiency Association have realized a new project called “Energy Kid” in order to raise awareness of children for the usage and consumption of energy and to contribute to the national economy.

The Energy Efficiency Association, which has commenced studies for raising a national awareness on the subject of “Energy Efficiency” with large objectives, continues to perform its studies in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Following the Enerji Hanım Project, which has raised considerable interest, the Energy Kid Project aims at the following as stated by İbrahim Çağlar, the General Chair of the Energy Efficiency Association: “With our beloved children, the most valuable members of our family, we are getting preparing to set out for a long, but meaningful path.  With the Energy Kid Project, we aim at introducing efficient energy usage at homes, school etc... in brief, in all environments where you are present.  With this project, we will ensure that you will contribute to both the home budget and the national economy”. 

During his speech, Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, stated that annual savings about 4 billion liras could be made on energy but this number has not been reached yet. Yıldız call out to children as follows: “Do not neglect what you could save by extinguishing one single lamp, small steps accumulate into very big ones” and further underlined that when this education is provided to approximately 11 million students, it would be possible to obtain important gains.

Yıldız underline that vesting the energy saving culture with the 7-14 age group was important and that the country’s destiny would be shaped by today’s children’s behaviors.

It was stated within the project scope, the study for raising awareness by reaching tens of thousands of children country-wide through activities such as theater, cartoon films, computer games and other visual activities with the aim of reducing energy consumption at homes and Naz, the project character, was introduced to children.