Children Meet for "Energy Efficiency" in Istanbul




In the context of “Energy Kid Project” aiming to raise awareness about the efficient use and consumption of the energy in any environment where there are children, 21 kids from 21 cities varying from İzmir to Hakkari, from Adana to Trabzon met in İstanbul. Children, who visited 6th Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition then realized the Energy Kids Management Board Meeting.

In the context of the protocol signed by the Ministry of National Education and Energy Efficiency Association, events in the concept of Energy Kid Project, aiming to raise perception and awareness of energy efficiency among 5-6-7 and 8th grade students across the country with the Energy Kid Project goes on.

A new one is added to events such as creating Energy Efficiency Clubs, putting on stage the theater about the energy efficiency, organizing a paint contest in a total of elected 335 schools around 21 pilot cities for 2014-2015 educational year. 21 kids from 21 cities visited 6th Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition after coming to İstanbul.

Management Board member kids in the exhibition area where Energy Kid Naz was also present, asked exhibitiors to warn their kids about energy efficiency. Kids realized the Energy Kids Management Board Meeting after visiting the exhibition and forum organized in WOW Convention Center in the context of 34th Energy Efficiency Week.

Students shared tasks they did and will carry out in their schools throughout the year in the management board as well as they met and exchanged ideas with Energy Efficiency Association President and Management Board Members.