Best Interactive Project Award "Enerji Hanım" from the Capital

The capital Ankara and the Anatolian Confederation (BAŞKON), KırmızıTürk Agency and Medya Sesi In collaboration, the participants in the survey issued to persons determined by the votes "Capital Awards" have found their owners.
The "Capital Awards" ceremony held by BAŞKON in Ankara Chamber of Commerce Meeting Hall, Members of various non-governmental organizations, media representatives, businessmen and politicians from all over Turkey participated.
The project, individuals and institutions that qualify for the award according to the results of the public vote over the internet have been awarded the "Best Interactive Project" prize for the Enerji Hanım Project.
BAŞKON Chairman Mehmet Akyol, who spoke at the ceremony, said BAŞKON led the "reading and working" incentive. Akyol stated that all citizens wanted to read, write and improve themselves, and stated that their goal was not to remain a person who did not work in the country.
Kırmızı Türk News Chairman Cengizhan Kaya stated that the main philosophy of "Capital Awards" is to bring the best of Turkey to the Capital.Kaya, the winner of the intense preparation period, about 900 thousand people voted in the survey was used said.
Enerji Hanım once again proved its success with the "Best Interactive Project" award.
"The Best Interactive Project" award stated that Enerji Hanım's success was once again registered, and Energy Efficiency Association and İTO President İbrahim Çağlar stated that "We as Energy Efficiency Association; We are trying to spread public awareness about energy efficiency by traveling our country from north to south, from east to west. In order for this social consciousness to form in every segment, we are signing different projects. We have built a team to add economic value to Turkey and our dwellings. Named "Energy Team" The Energy Team Project, which was created to raise awareness among the various institutional stakeholders and sectors about energy efficiency, includes Enerji Hanım, Energy Kid, Energy Efficient Industry and Energy Efficient Transportation Projects. The team will also participate in this year's Energy Efficient Building our project. "he said. Çağlar says that the aim of the Energy Team study is to reach the masses that make energy consumption from every segment and to ensure that everybody is a member of Energy Team. We aim to generate 150 billion TL by 2013 with the projects said.