“Enerji Hanim Project” Met With a Great Interest In Paris Climate Change Meeting Cop21

In the meeting, Energy Efficiency Association who attended the meeting behalf of Turkey, depicted “Enerji Hanim" Project” as a model to whole world in the “Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change” session that “Minister Of The Environment, Forests and Climate Change” of  India which is one of the most important countries in Climate Change and Carbon Emission Reduction, attended.  The event on "Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change" was hosted by Terrepolicy Centre of India at COP21, Paris.

Energy Efficiency Association  President İbrahim Çağlar who mentioned that they feel honoured by representing Turkey as Energy Efficiency Association” in COP21 summit that was watched carefully by the whole world, said that “ Energy Efficiency precautions are the most efficient options in the long run for reduction of dependence to petrol and natural gas importation which are expensive and limited sources besides their emissions. Turkey has many steps that may to take about energy efficiency. Enerji Hanim project is only one of the projects that attracted attention from public and that was applied.”

Çağlar,who mentioned 4 billion liras earnings was aimed in a year with Enerji Hanim Project, said that “Withing the frame of project, we have reached 34.000 of women in 21 provinces till today. Women who applied Enerji Hanim in their homes, shared the information that there were decrease in their bills between 20-30 liras after the application. When it is evaluated as annualy, it means a Turkish quarter gold coin for each homes and 4 billion TL gain for economy of the country.”

Considering the interest of project in COP21 meeting, Energy Efficiency Assoiation President İbrahim Çağlar who mentioned that it was seen once about how they are in a right work  as Energy Efficiency Association, said that “Our team which consisted of Şafak Müderrisgil, Energy Efficiency Association - Vice President, Yeşim Beyla - General Secretary, and Melih Bayrak - International Affairs Supervisor, introduced Enerji Hanim to the whole world with a great honour in COP21 summit in Paris.“

Hes presentation made the subject of Energy Efficiency and the Reduction of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, indicating that one of the important areas Vice President Şafak Müderrisgil  said that “We call out to people from all strata, young and old alike, with the project that we applied, as Energy Efficiency Association. We consider women as economists of home. Through our women, by reaching the all sections of society, we are in an endeavour to establish awareness about energy efficiency issue.“

Müderrisgil, who said that Enerji Hanim project is a part of Enery Team, said that we want that all the people in home, school, road, and  industy become an active  part of this team. By this way, we aim to constitute 150 billion liras source up until 2023.