In Energy Efficiency Example To All Formal Institutions!

In recent days the most important issue of energy on a study sample from Denizli Public Hospitals Association General Secretary. They started work on energy efficiency and savings in 2012, from 2013, and in 2014 passed a total of 1.247 million " savings.

Energy Efficiency contained in visits to inform and raise awareness the public about the "Energy Efficiency Association Denizli Branch", "Public Hospitals Association General Secretary Dr. Berna Öztürk" energy efficiency work done on the visit were meet with appreciation. Energy Efficiency Association Board of Directors  held in visits President Mehmet Akgun,Deski General Manager of the Association and 2nd Chairman of our Association Assoc.Prof.Dr Mahmud Güngör and Management Board members took part.

Such a study stating that they come across in their visits for first time, Association President Mehmet Akgun first said: "As an association we have made so far visited many private and public institutions. But unfortunately we did not see this as an excellent energy efficiency in any work. General secretary is first generated awareness by educating staff on energy efficiency, then by saving work has achieved significant gains in the figüre. In 2013 and 2014 there are spending 486.900 "but in the same year they gain 1.594.000 ". Saving is 1.247.000". Investments held by it has paid for itself in the same year. General President İbrahim Çağlar carried out in association with our efforts Energy Team Project has also stated that Turkey aimed at saving 15 billion " a year. We have put ourselves a target annual savings of  600 million " in Denizli. This responsibility with the work we have done our part in Denizli and we will fulfill our goals. Denizli as part of our work from signing such a big success, To General Secretary of the Association of Public Hospitals, I personally, on behalf of the association and behalf of the General President İbrahim Çağlar greeting and thank you.I hope this work will be an example to all our institutions, "he said.