Paying attention that white appliances are of ENERGY EFFICIENT CLASS as they are bought;


- Depending on the product class, A/A+/A++/A++/A+++ signs on white appliances point to the lowest energy consumption. We thus have to prefer WHITE APPLIANCES that use minimum energy when we buy them.

- Leaving at least 5 centimeter vacant space at the back and on the sides when placing white appliances.

- Making building isolation.

- Using double-glaze windows or weather strips for windows.

- Leaving vacant space in front of the radiator.

- Installing thermostatic valves on radiators. (this will allow adjusting room temperatures).



- Do not frequently open or close oven lid and do not leave the lid open for a long time!

- You reduce oven temperature by 15 degrees by using glass and ceramic ovenware!

- Turn off the oven a few minutes before the cooking time, your meal will continue to be cooked!

- Do not perform pre-heating unless necessary!

- You can cook several meals simultaneously in the oven, so that you will have performed more work in lesser time!

- Cooking meals at lower temperatures will take time but their taste will increase!

- Close the lids of pans or broilers, so that their vapor will not go away! (“Close the lid and do not let energy to vaporize”).



Washing Machine

- Fill up the machine, let it run will full capacity!

- Use economic and short programs, you will save time!

- Prefer lower temperature, so that your laundries will not wear-off!

- Perform maintenance for your machines regularly, their lifetime will increase!

- Prefer front-loaded models instead of top-loaded models!

- Use less detergent and protect your health!

- Lower temperature means laundries will have longer lifetime.

- Short programs will save both money and time.



- Do not wash your dishes with hand, use a machine!

- Fill up the machine, let it run will full capacity!

- Connect the water inlet to hot water!

- Use a program with economic rotation and low temperature, you dishes will become spotlessly clean!

- The most efficient washing temperature for dishes is 50 degrees.

- Do not forget to clean the filter and discharge sections!



- Adjust the freezer and cooling temperatures correctly.

- The temperature of the cooling department should be 4-5 degrees and that of the freezer department should be -20 -18 degrees.

- Do not place the refrigerator close to other electricity appliances; this will reduce the refrigerator’s temperature!

- Keep it away from places receiving sunlight, radiators and sources of heat so that your energy consumption will decrease by 25%. 

- Keep it full and place its contents orderly as much as possible!

- Place food in refrigerator in closed cans and do not leave its door open.

- Do not open and close the refrigerator door frequently!

- Place your food in the refrigerator after they become cold, so that neither your food nor your refrigerator will get corrupt.

- Regularly clean and perform maintenance for your refrigerator!

- Choose a cooler at desired dimensions, more is not needed!

- Models with deep freezers at the top or bottom are more efficient than the ones having them laterally.



- Close the television from its button, not using the remote controller! (this is not the case for LED, LCD and plasma televisions). 

- Keep television sound low!

- Air Conditioner

- Use and air conditioner with an electronic thermostat!

- Use it when necessary in a controlled manner!

- Perform regular cleaning and maintenance on it!

- Place its external unit in a protected location!

- Do not let your air conditioner receive direct sunlight.

- Prefer low capacity models that conforms to the surrounding space!


Electric Water Heater (Kettle)

- Unplug your device when not in use!

- Frequently clean the accumulating limes and residues!

- Use the device with a filter!

- Heat only the needed water amount!


Flat Iron

- Choose a model with vapor adjustment and high vapor capacity!

- It is important that it has thermostat adjustment!

- Iron your laundries are wet, they can be ironed easier!

- It is base material should be scratch-proof coating!

- It is important that it can clean the lime layer on its own!


Vacuum Cleaner

- Empty its bag frequently!

- Renew worn-out brushes!

- Prefer vacuum cleaners with water reservoirs instead of those with bags!

- Do not forget to clean the engine, brush and pipe departments!

- Keep in mind that vacuum cleaners can also operate at lower power!


Hair Dryer

- Dry your hair thoroughly with towel and then use the machine!

- Try drying at low temperature and for shorter time, you can also prevent damages to your hair by doing this!


Electric Heaters (Water Heater, Boilers)

- Your water heater should be close to the place of use (maximum 6 meters)

- Do not forget to have your hot water pipes isolated!

- Adjust the thermostat temperature to a maximum of 50 degrees!

- Do not forget to power-off water heaters such as geysers and boilers when going to holiday!

- Attach non-return valves to hot and cold water connections!

- Pay attention to water leakages, repair if any!

- Operate boilers when they are full.



- Make sure to switch-off any lamp you are not using!

- Try to utilize solar energy; this is also important for your health!

- Use controlled lighting and energy saving bulbs!

- Use partial lighting instead of general lighting at home!

- Use a lamp with high power instead of several ones with low powers!

- Try not to make decorative lighting!

- Lighting yourself efficiently if you do not want the dark.

- Efficient lamp means efficient energy.

- Make use of daylight and use lighting with sensors.