On the occasion of the efficiency week, Bartın Provincial Directorate of Science Industry, Bartın Provincial Directorate of National Education, Bartın Directorate of Tourism and Culture and Energy Efficiency Association Bartın Branch organized the information seminar on 22 May 2017 at the Bartın Cultural Center Conference Hall. Branch President Mr. Mehmet KEMİK students who fill the hall, young people were transferred to other participants ceased projected and accompanied by representative cinevision our presentation. Because of their support for Energy Efficiency, Bartın Governor Mr. Nusret DİRİM , Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Yaşar DEMİR, Provincial Director of Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Birol CANGİ and Provincial Director of Credit and Dormitories Institution Mr. Zafer ÇAKAN, Thank-you plaques Presented by Branch President Mr. Mehmet KEMİK.