VIII. Global Warming Convention Committee Meeting Private Sector Representatives, Academics and Non-Governmental Organizations Came Together

VIII. Global Warming Conference Committee Meeting organized by the Economic Journalists Association, has hosted by Energy Efficiency Association has hosted. At the meeting where the intense participation private sector representatives, , Non-Governmental organzations and academics were on hand.

In his opening speech, indicating that quite pleased with the interest shown in the meeting EGD President Celal Toprak, "9 years ago, when we say" we're going to do "Congress Global Warming", who attends, not anything like what the world doesn't care about global warming, we got a lot of answers.” We are in the face of this answer at that time was to despair. But it has nothing to do with the subject of institutions and individuals has risen a little more every year, and what can we do when asked the questions. Coming together and see what we can do, asks the representatives of different sectors should be here today is the best indicator of the interest in the topic. "


Enerji Hanım Project was shared with the participants the international success of shows.


Paris-COP 21 Climate Change negotiations and continuing with the presentation of meeting Carbon Economy Processes,

Energy Efficiency Association Paris COP21 conference shared with the entire world, Enerji Hanım and the interest shown in the project told the participants.

In addition, by association specialists, Paris COP 21 summit results, as well as industry-carbon economy and should be given information on the pending economic processes in Turkey.

Paris-COP21 Climate Change meeting where the opinions of other civil society organizations and academics about the Summit results EGD Global Warming Conference ended with the 2016 program proposals.