Energy Efficiency Association Isparta Branch After The Energy Kid and Enerji Hanım Projects Come Together With Industrialist For “Energy Efficient Insdustrial Project”

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Energy Efficiency Association by the execution Organized Industrial Zones Top Organization (OSBÜK) supported the Energy Efficient Industrial Project by training session Energy Efficiency Association Isparta Branch Isparta Suleyman Demirel Organized Industrial Zone It was held.


Energy Efficiency Association by Organized Industrial Zone in the implementation and operation of energy efficiency will provide for establishment of appropriate project, Making energy studies, evaluation of energy saving in terms of energy efficiency, energy conservation with the aim of determining the focus "Energy Efficient Industry" meeting under the Project, Energy Efficiency Association Isparta Branch President Aladdin Erkoç In his opening speech


“Energy Efficiency Association; Our country from north to south, from east to west we are trying to promote the public awareness of energy efficiency traveling around. To occur in every part of social consciousness, we are embarking on the project differently. Turkey and our households, we have established a team to add economic value. It’s name “Energy Team”. Energy Team in Turkey with the energy efficiency of domestic consumption of about industry; access to all areas of the industry are trying to remind the importance of savings. Thus, 150 billion Turkish Liras until 2023, we aim to create the resource. " he said.