Energy Kid Board Members From 38 Provinces Came Together In Istanbul

Efficient use of energy in any environment, especially in the home where the children with the aim of making awareness-raising on consumption, "Energy Kid Project" in the frame, from Ağrı to Balıkesir, from Zonguldak to Antalya from 38 provinces coming children meet in İstanbul. 35. Energy Efficiency Week framework held in İstanbul WOW Convention Center 7. Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair, children attending, then 2. Energy Kids Board of Directors Meeting.


Ministry of National Education and Energy Efficiency Association under the protocol it has signed the Energy Kid Project aimed at countries that gain the energy efficiency of perception and consciousness to 5-6-7 and 8th grade students in general, Energy Kid Project activities continues.


Selected from the 38 pilot provinces for the 2015-2016 academic year education project that includes a total of 438 schools, designated pilot provinces and the establishment of the Energy Efficiency clubs in schools, he theater staged the play about energy efficiency, children who work as editing the picture contest, come to İstanbul to attend 7. Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair. Energy Kid Board Members, also found at fair area Energy Kid Naz, they wanted to notice participators children about energy efficiency.


After the fair visit, mental and physical coordination, skill and quick decision suggested that appear to give children and individual sports ethics and fair play as well as team spirit to learn and characters with the Speedminton sport is intended to help develop in this way meet the students, Istanbul Commerce University and Marmara University Speedminton and dealing with other racquet sports instructors, first the rules of the game and then they took information about the techniques of this sport.


2nd Energy Board Meeting Kid students,  Under the framework of Energy Kid Project, they told that they made and will make.  Energy Kid Board Members, Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar and Board Members exchange ideas.