The Energy-Efficient Building Project Implementation Protocol, which will be presented to the public as the 6th Team Player of the Energy Team, was signed between Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s Directorate General of Vocational Services and Energy Efficiency Association.
The number of uninsulated buildings in Turkey is more than 15 million. This means that 85 percent of existing buildings are uninsulated.
It is aimed to encourage the start of the thermal insulation work of the buildings, which have not yet been subjected to the thermal insulation implementation by the protocol. With the project, it is aimed to start at least one building insulation work in each neighborhood.
Within the scope of the project, the Energy Efficiency Association will organize regional training meetings with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the support of the Turkish Municipalities Union and the apartments and site managers of buildings that do not receive energy identity documents, These buildings will be informed by May 2017 for the start of work necessary to receive the Energy Identity Certificate.