Coal is the most abundant, the most robust and the most reliable fossil fuels in the World. At the same time, it has competitive cost. Coal is cleaner than other fuels. Clean coal technologies; increase of energy efficiency and reduces the environmental aspects of gas emissions.

During mining, energy efficiency can be succeesful improving use of the means of mining development in a coal bed and avoidance/reduction from fugitive emissions.Coal preparation enhances thermal of consumptıon efficiency reduce of the mineral content, humidity, sulfur, and ash amount, Expansion of high-efficiency technologies and efficient management of program, introduction enhances the performance of the coal with new and easy of consumption. At the same time coal has  characteristics  common fuel for (biological mass),(sugar cane), waste materials, such as renewable, for plants that burned.

Carbon dioxide, result industrial facilities, solutions to the problem.after fromretention, use and storage. Steel production that occurs during the heat / energy use to maximize and root structure generated during the use of gases and by improving the steel using and making the coal decreasing the emissions and energy efficiency for the facilities available.