The construction of Turkey's first and only Energy Kid Museum, that aims to raise the awareness of children about the energy efficiency has been completed. The museum will open its doors to students in the new educational year as a learning model outside the school.

Energy efficiency, which is vital for our future, will be more attractive for our children, being a guarantee of our future. A very important project to create social awareness has been implemented in the scope of works regarding the realization of efficient use of energy. Ankara Children Museum teams of the Ankara Branch Directory of the Energy Efficiency Association (ENVER) began to work last april in MTA Campus within this project having children as the target group. At the end of around two months of work, Turkey’s first and only Energy Kid Museum was built. The Energy Kid Museum, located within the Energy Park located in the Campus of the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration was made available to the public.

There are Thematic Exhibition and Training Programs Available

It is expected that The Energy Kid Museum, which will open its doors to students in the new educational year, will be visited intensely as a learning model outside the school.

In the Energy Kid Museum, children will be trained about subjects such as the importance of energy, how to use energy efficiently, how to reduce the footprint of carbon, fossil fuels, recycling by the means of visual materials. The Energy Kid Museum, targeting to raise awareness of future generations with thematic exhibition and training programs will become a new visit destination of the educational institutions in the next educational year.